Simply Excellent

Thank you for coming to the MDT Training conference. Our field construction workers come from a variety of backgrounds—some are graduate engineers: some have a high school education; some in their 20’s and some in their 50’s. To have them rate your presentation as “excellent” and have them want you back next year is indeed a compliment. Some of the comments from the evaluations were: Best session of all—bring her back?

Montana DOT

First Standing Ovation

You’ll never believe the impact you left with our group. In 11 years of these conferences you are the first that received a standing ovation. Our people are already saying we want her back and we want her for an entire day.

Humpty’s Family Restaurants of Canada

Highlight of our Convention

What can I say? You are always marvelous — two top-notch presentations and your enthusiastic nature kept them motivated, interested and enlightened. Members are still talking about what a great speaker you are and they certainly felt that you were one of the highlights of our convention.

New Hampshire

Highest Ratings

On our questionnaires you received the highest ratings we have ever experienced. It was wonderful to witness a standing ovation of the 400 plus in the audiences. In all my years in this industry this was only the second time that audiences responded in such an enthusiastic manner.

Vancouver, BC

Powerful Speaker

I’m pleased we were able to provide such a powerful speaker. Your messages were exactly what convention participants needed to hear in these very challenging times for school leadership. I am still reflecting on many of your quips, lessons learned and team building strategies.


Wealth of Knowledge

Tamara Hall was very energetic and had a wealth of knowledge in the field of education. What she had to say touched every one of the staff members certified as well as non-certified. Her presentation took one and one half hours but it seemed more like a half hour because she held everyone’s attention with a good flow of information and laughter.


Standing Ovation

Tamara has been the Keynote Speaker at the last two Teachers’ Institutes. Her message mixed humor, patriotism, optimism and inspiration. Once again, a standing ovation—a rare occurrence at this type of gathering—showed the appreciation of her audience. As a Keynoter Tamara Hall simply can’t miss. She is the best I have seen/heard in 37 years of education.



Wow! “Tamara was fantastic was heard over and over again from attendees.” The evaluations consistently showed you having the HIGHEST speaker ratings for the entire conference. Your experience and insight into the educational issues facing our attendees really hit home.


Best Speaker We’ve Had

Ten days later and compliments are still coming in. Comments such as, “I think she was the best speaker we’ve had”, and “she did a great job making her points on teamwork through humorous examples” make me know that we made an excellent choice in selecting Tamara Hall. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any group that wants a dynamic humorous speaker with a message that will benefit any employee.


Simply Excellent

It is difficult to address an audience of over 3000, but you did so with enthusiasm, humor, and compassion. Your presentation was simply excellent. You exceeded my expectations.


Try her, you’ll like her…and so will your group!

It was day four of our conference and weariness was twitching about the corners of semi-glazed eyes. Then you took up the microphone. An hour later the weariness was gone, replaced by diaphragm-driven adrenaline and laughter.


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