WARNING: TAMARA’S WORKSHOPS ARE NOT THEORETICAL PRATTLE. They are packed with proven techniques, practical information, activities, and insightful self-inventories. Her fast-paced, inspirational, personal growth workshops are highlighted by appropriate humor that illustrates the points being made because people learn more and retain longer if they are enjoying themselves. The time will fly by; the lessons will last long after the personal growth workshop has ended.

ARIZONA: “It was day four of our conference and weariness was twitching about the corners of semi-glazed eyes. Then you took up the microphone. An hour later the weariness was gone, replaced by diaphragm-driven adrenaline and laughter. To paraphrase a slogan, ‘Try her, you’ll like her…and so will your group!’”


The following workshops are designed for pro-life boards and staff, Christian women conferences, Christian school boards and staff and home school conventions.

TAMARA packs her presentations with humor because research proves people learn more and retain better if they are laughing.

If we share the vision why do we argue?

Conflict is inevitable, but it does not have to be negative. The participants will complete a conflict inventory that discloses how they react to disputes in personal and professional situations. They will discover there are a variety of acceptable ways to handle conflict and will learn which style is most appropriate at a given time.

WISCONSIN: Her topic, “If We Share The Vision—Why Do We Argue” was timely and appropriate for our audience. I was personally impressed with her knowledge of the current issues that we are facing.

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Teamwork works for everyone!

Communication is an imperfect science that often leads to serious misunderstandings. People are governed by their unique personalities, values, intellect and mental stability. Teamwork requires an appreciation for these characteristics and an understanding of the role they play in teambuilding.

*Participants will learn:

  • How diverse personalities handle change and stress
  • How to use your personality strengths to overcome challenge
  • How to manage your limitations and improve your efficiency

XTRAMART CONVENIENCE STORES: “We have never had a guest speaker capable of educating and entertaining a group of our size as you did. Every person in the room was touched in some way or another by your seminar. Audience participation was superb! The manner in which you added humor to your discussions was a great plus!”

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Who pushes your buttons? Dealing with difficult people

People are governed by their unique personalities, values and intellect. However, some people cross the line and become destructive to those around them. Participants will learn how to deal with difficult people.

In this workshop you will also learn:

  • Ways in which men and women communicate differently: “Equal but different”
  • How to dissent without destroying the team: “Staying effective while standing alone”
  • Who is pushing your buttons: “He who angers you, controls you.”

VIRGINIA: “I haven’t been able to get anything done since your speech of Tuesday morning. There are so many calls, e-mails and personal notes about ‘that wonderful speaker.’ And it’s hard to walk down the hall because I get stopped by people who want to talk about your impact on them. It’s absolutely a great way to start a school year, and I thank you sincerely for sharing your experiences, your travails, your good spirit and your humor.”

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